Просмотр полной версии : Еще раз повторяю, экспортной декларации для импортера не существует!

07.02.2004, 20:51
Еще раз повторяю, экспортной декларации для импортера не существует!

Dear Mr. Lex ,

I don`t understand why the russian customs request one copie of
the "Ausfuhranmeldung". The exporter or the carrier are resposible for sending back the Copy numbered with "3" of the Ausfuhranmeldung after the last stamp at leaving the EU to the local "Finanzamt" of the exporter in Germany. It is not customs duty to sent it back.
It`s exactly the exporter who is responsible to get it back and to present it
to his local "Finanzamt" to get the 16 % VAT back.
So the real copy Nr. 3 of the Ausfuhranmeldung can`t be presented too the
russian customs, because the german exporter needs it to get back the German

Only a copy of the copy could be presented to the russian customs.

The Ausfuhranmeldung is only a EEC Form.

This is only a general information. It is not binding for legal purpose.



Mr. Caspary


Zitiere "Lex" <shipov_va@mail.ru>:

> Dear sirs!
> We ask your consultation. Tell please, how many copies of the export
> customs declaration are used by customs house of your country? And the
> second question. One copy of the export declaration is given a carrier
> of a cargo whether or not? Why the Russian customs house all time
> demands the export declaration? They assert, that customs officers of
> the European Union always give perevochiku cargoes one copy of the
> export declaration. I thank in advance for the answer. Yours faithfully,
> Lex
> Kaliningrad

07.02.2004, 20:57
Re: Мыло германской таможни
Забыл дать их мыло: info4@zoll-infocenter.de